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Countries & their Dependent Territories Ranking w.r.t area

Jun 4, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Top Ranking List
Russia is Largest Territory of World

Russia is Largest Territory of World

Ranking List Of World Top Countries Including their dependent territories with respect to their area

Rank no.:-1
Country:- Russia
Total in km²:-17,098,242
Land in km²:-16,377,742
Water in km²:-720,500
% water:- 4.21
Notes:- Largest country in the world.


Russia is the world’s largest country. It covers the climate zones and nine time zones as well except tropical. It has over 1000 cities and 16 of which have a population of one million. The most popular cities of Russia are ST.petersbug, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

Rank no.:-2
Country:- Canada
Total in km²:-9,984,670
Land in km²:-9,093,507
Water in km²:-891,163
% water:-8.93
Notes:- Largest country in the Americas by total area.


This year Canada also stood out for being the freest country in the worlds due to its minorities, tolerance of immigrants and freedom of belief and expressions.

Rank no.:-3
Country:- China
Total in km²:-9,706,961
Land in km²:-9,569,901
Water in km²:-137,060
% water:-1.41
Notes:- The largest country entirely in Asia


China is one of the most popular countries in the world. In 1949, the people’s republic of china was founded, after the party of communist defeated the Kuomintang’s nationalist. The republic of china and PRC is based on Taiwan. China developed its economy along with capitalist lines to make it on the list of world’s fastest developing countries and leading exporters as well.


Rank no.:-4
Country:- United States
Total in km²:-9,629,091
Land in km²:-9,158,960
Water in km²:-470,131
% water:-2.23


In august 1945, the united states use nuclear weapons on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, making it the only country to use nuclear weapons at a time of conflicts.

Rank no.:-5
Country:- Brazil
Total in km²:-8,514,877
Land in km²:-8,459,417
Water in km²:-55,460
% water:- 0.65
Notes:- The largest country in South America and in the Southern Hemisphere.



Rank no.:-6
Total in km²:-7,692,024
Land in km²:-7,682,300
Water in km²:-58,920
% water:- 0.76
Notes:-The largest country in Oceania and the largest country without land borders.

Rank no.:-7
Total in km²:-3,166,414
Land in km²:-2,973,193
Water in km²:-314,070
% water:- 9.55

Rank no.:-8
Total in km²:-2,780,400
Land in km²:-2,736,690
Water in km²:-43,710
% water:- 1.57
Notes:-Largest country in Hispanic America

Rank no.:-9
Total in km²:-2,724,900
Land in km²:-2,699,700
Water in km²:-25,200
% water:- 0.92
Notes:-Largest landlocked country.[13]

Rank no.:-10
Total in km²:-2,381,741
Land in km²:-2,381,741
Water in km²:-0
% water:- 0
Notes:-Largest country in Africa.

Rank no.:-11
Country:-Republic of the Congo
Total in km²:-2,344,858
Land in km²:-2,267,048
Water in km²:-77,810
% water:- 3.32
Notes:-Largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa

Rank no.:-12
Total in km²:-2,166,086
Land in km²:-2,166,086
Water in km²:-0
% water:- 0
Notes:-Part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Largest island that is not a continent.[Note 8]

Rank no.:-13
Country:-Saudia Arabia
Total in km²:-2,149,690
Land in km²:-2,149,690
Water in km²:-0
% water:- 0
Notes:-Largest country in the Middle East

Rank no.:-14
Total in km²:-1,964,375
Land in km²:-1,943,945
Water in km²:-20,430
% water:- 1.01

Rank no.:-15
Total in km²:-1,904,569
Land in km²:-1,811,569
Water in km²:-93,000
% water:- 4.88
Notes:-Largest country wholly on islands.

Rank no.:-16
Total in km²:-1,861,484
Land in km²:-N/A
Water in km²:-N/A
% water:- N/A
Notes:-Formerly the largest country in Africa.

Rank no.:-17
Total in km²:-1,759,540
Land in km²:-1,759,540
Water in km²:-0
% water:-

Rank no.:-18
Total in km²:-1,648,195
Land in km²:-1,531,595
Water in km²:-116,600
% water:- 7.07

Rank no.:-19
Total in km²:-1,564,110
Land in km²:-1,553,556
Water in km²:-10,560
% water:- 0.68

Rank no.:-20
Total in km²:-1,285,216
Land in km²:-1,279,996
Water in km²:-5,220
% water:- 0.41

*Notes field empty mean there is no important factor related to our research to show
**Total in km² shows land and water under specific area
***% Water Shows Percentage Of Water Occupied Area in specific region or country

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