• Russia is Largest Territory of World

    Countries & their Dependent Territories Ranking w.r.t area

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    Ranking List Of World Top Countries Including their dependent territories with respect to their area Rank no.:-1 Country:-Russia Total in km²:-17,098,242 Land in km²:-16,377,742 Water in km²:-720,500 % water:- 4.21 Notes:-Largest country in the world. Rank no.:-2 Country:-Canada Total in km²:-9,984,670 Land in km²:-9,093,507 Water in km²:-891,163 % water:-8.93 Notes:-Largest country in the Americas...

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    Top Ranking Basketball Federation Teams w.r.t their Countries

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    The International Basketball Federation FIBA with respect to countries Rank:-1 Nation:-United States Points:-2679.8 Rank:-2 Nation:-Spain Points:-1685.0 Rank:-3 Nation:-Russia Points:-1248.5 Rank:-4 Nation:-Argentina Points:-1218.0 Rank:-5 Nation:-Australia Points:-1201.0 Rank:-6 Nation:-Lithuania Points:-955.5 Rank:-7 Nation:-Brazil Points:-855.3 Rank:-8 Nation:-France Points:-823.5 Rank:-9 Nation:-Greece Points:-797.0 Rank:-10 Nation:-China Points:-736.9 Rank:-11 Nation:-Serbia Points:-641.0 Rank:-12 Nation:-Czech Republic Points:-632.5 Rank:-13 Nation:-Canada Points:-622.1 Rank:-14 Nation:-Turkey Points:-590.0 Rank:-15...

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    Top Ranking Snooker Players Of World

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    Mark Selbv Top Ranked Snooker Player in 2013

    Ranking of world top snooker players in world from 1976 w.r.t date Rank No.:-1 From:-May 1975 To:-May 1981 Name:-Ray Reardon Nationality:-Wales Rank No.:-2 From:-May 1981 To:-May 1982 Name:- Cliff Thorburn Nationality:-canada Rank No.:-3 From:-May 1982 To:-May 1983 Name:- Ray Reardon Nationality:- Wales Rank No.:-4 From:-May 1983 To:-May 1990 Name:- Steve Davis Nationality:-England Rank No.:-5...

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    Top Ranking Metropolitan Areas Of Canada w.r.t Population

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    Toronto Bay

    Ranking of Top agglomerations and metropolitan areas of Canada with respect to population. Rank 1:- Geographic Name:-Toronto (Mississauga) Province:-Ontario population:-5,583,064 Rank 2:- Geographic Name:-Montreal (Laval) Province:-Quebec population:-3,824,221 Rank 3:- Geographic Name:-Vancouver (Surrey) Province:-British Columbia population:-2,313,328 Rank 4:- Geographic Name:-Ottawa – Gatineau Province:-Ontario/Quebec population:-1,236,324 Rank 5:- Geographic Name:-Calgary Province:-Alberta population:-1,214,839 Rank 6:- Geographic Name:-Edmonton Province:-Alberta...

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    Top Ranking US States w.r.t Income

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    Baltimore City Of Maryland Richest State Of US by Income

    Ranking of Top states of United States By their income in past few years Rank:-1 State:-Maryland 2011:-$70,004 2009:-$69,272 2008:-$70,545 2007:-$68,080 Rank:-2 State:-Alaska 2011:-$67,825 2009:-$68,342 2008:-$70,378 2007:-$67,035 Rank:-3 State:-New Jersey 2011:-$67,458 2009:-$67,034 2008:-$68,595 2007:-$65,967 Rank:-4 State:-Connecticut 2011:-$65,753 2009:-$68,460 2008:-$68,460 2007:-$64,333 Rank:-5 State:-Massachusetts 2011:-$62,859 2009:-$64,081 2008:-$65,401 2007:-$62,365 Rank:-6 State:-New Hampshire 2011:-$62,647 2009:-$60,567 2008:-$63,731 2007:-$62,369 Rank:-7 State:-Virginia...

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    Ranking Of US States By High School Graduates Percentage

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    Logo United States Department Of Education

    United States Top Ranking States with percentage of population having high school graduate or more degree having age greater than 25 Rank:-1 State:-Mississippi% Percentage of High School Graduates:-91.8% Rank:-2 State:-Mississippi Percentage of High School Graduates:-91.5% Rank:-3 State:-Alaska Percentage of High School Graduates:-91.4% Rank:-4 State:-New Hampshire Percentage of High School Graduates:-91.3% Rank:-5 State:-Vermont Percentage of High School...

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    Largest Enclosed Shopping Malls of Canada’s Ranking

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    West Edmonton Mall Edmonton Corridor Its Tenth Largest Mall of World and 1st Largest Mall Of Canada

    Top Ranking shopping malls of canada with respect to enclosed shopping malls Rank:-1 Mall Name Location:-West Edmonton Mall Edmonton, Alberta Retail Space(sq. ft.):-3,800,000 Retail Space(m²):-353,031.5 Stores:-800+ Anchors:-Sears, The Bay, Target, Simons, T & T Supermarket Year Opened:-1981 Rank:-2 Mall Name Location:-Metropolis at Metrotown Burnaby, British Columbia Retail Space(sq. ft.):-1,783,005 Retail Space(m²):-165,646.6 Stores:-450 Anchors:-Sears, The...

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    Top Ranking Swiss Companies w.r.t Revenue

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    Nestle The second largest company of Switzerland

      List of World Top Swiss Companies with respect to their revenue Rank:-1 Name:-Glencore Headquarters:-Baar Revenue(Mil. CHF):-119 938 Net income(Mil. CHF):-2 500 Employees:- Industry:-import/export Rank:-2 Name:-Nestlé Headquarters:-Vevey Revenue(Mil. CHF):-91 075 Net income(Mil. CHF):-7 995 Employees:-253 000 Industry:-agriculture/food Rank:-3 Name:-Novartis Headquarters:-Basel Revenue(Mil. CHF):-42455 Net income(Mil. CHF):-8093 Employees:-90924 Industry:-chemical/pharmaceutical Rank:-4 Name:-Roche Headquarters:-Basel Revenue(Mil. CHF):-35511 Net income(Mil....

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    World Top Consumer Markets Ranking

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    United States World Largest Consumer Markets Stock Exchange

    List of largest consumer markets of the world by their Household final consumption expenditure representing consumer total expenditure in minimum terms Rank:-1 Country:-United States HFCE(millions of US$):-10,026,400 % of GDP:-71% % of World’s consumer market:-28.9036% Rank:-2 Country:-Japan HFCE(millions of US$):-2,952,710 % of GDP:-58% % of World’s consumer market:-8.5119% Rank:-3 Country:-Germany HFCE(millions of US$):-1,960,230 %...

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    World Highest Paid Athletes Ranking

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    Floyd Mayweather received prize of more than 32million $ defeating Miguel Cotto

    List of the highest-paid athletes in the world for 2012 as ranked by Forbes magazine on their earnings in United States dollars. Rank:-1 Name:-Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Sport:-Boxing Nationality:-United States Total earnings:-$85 million Salary/winnings:-$85 million Endorsements:-$0 Rank:-2 Name:-Manny Pacquiao Sport:-Boxing Nationality:-Philippines Total earnings:-$62 million Salary/winnings:-$56 million Endorsements:-$6 million Rank:-3 Name:-Tiger Woods Sport:-Golf Nationality:-United States Total...

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    World Top Ranking Expensive Cities For Non Resident Employees

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    Top View Of Tehran, Iran

      List has ranking of cities by the cost of living for expatriates in World Ranking:-1 City:-Tehran Country:-Iran Ranking:-2 City:-Nagoya Country:-Japan Ranking:-3 City:-Oslo Country:-Norway Ranking:-4 City:-Luanda Country:-Angola Ranking:-5 City:-Yokohama Country:-Japan Ranking:-6 City:-Kobe Country:-Japan Ranking:-7 City:-Caracas Country:-Venezuela Ranking:-8 City:-Stavanger Country:-Norway Ranking:-9 City:-Zurich Country:-Switzerland Ranking:-10 City:-Geneva Country:-Switzerland Ranking:-11 City:-Bern Country:-Switzerland Ranking:-12 City:-Basel Country:-Switzerland Ranking:-13 City:-Port Moresby...

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    Top Ranking Towns & Cities Of Russia w.r.t Population

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    Map Of Russia

      Ranking of Top Russian Cities and Towns of Russia with respect to their population Rank 1:- City or Town:-Moscow Federal subject:-Moscow Population:-10,382,754 Rank 2:- City or Town:-Saint Petersburg Federal subject:-Saint Petersburg Population:-4,661,219 Rank 3:- City or Town:-Novosibirsk Federal subject:-Novosibirsk Oblast Population:-1,425,508 Rank 4:- City or Town:-Yekaterinburg Federal subject:-Sverdlovsk Oblast Population:-1,293,537 Rank 5:- City...

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