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    Details Of List Is Sorted Out W.R.T Production each year

    Top Companies w.r.t Car Production

    Top Companies w.r.t Car Production


    Sorted out By Brand Name Of Car Company ,rank ,name, location Of Car Production then its inner branches internal ranking  from top to bottom


    Rank 1:-GeneralMotors

    General Motors Company (United States)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Buick Division North America, China, Israel, and

    & Taiwan

    Cadillac Division North America, Europe, Asia,

    & Middle East, Africa

    Chevrolet Division Global, except Australia,

    & New Zealand

    GMC Division North America, Middle East

    Holden Subsidiary Australia, New Zealand

    Opel Subsidiary Global, except North America and

    United Kingdom

    Vauxhall Subsidiary United Kingdom

    Total Production: – 9,146,340

    Cars Production: – 6,867,465

    LCV: – 2,272,585

    HCV: – 6,290

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    General Motors was Established on 16 September 1908 now world largest auto maker is Founded by William C.Durant Its headquarters are In USA Detroit Michigan United States now they 202,000 employees and this company is working in 156 different countries There Director Daniel Akerson maintained its standard so by no of user and by most production units working GM is at No.1


    Rank 2:-VolkswagenTtl_Logo

    Volkswagen Group AG (Germany)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Audi Subsidiary Global

    Bentley Subsidiary Global

    Bugatti Subsidiary Global

    Lamborghini Subsidiary Global

    Scania Subsidiary Global

    Subsidiary Europe, South America, North Africa,

    & Middle East

    Škoda Subsidiary Global, except North America,

    Japan and South Africa

    Volkswagen  Subsidiary Global

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Subsidiary Global

    Total Production: – 8,157,058

    Cars Production: – 8,157,058

    LCV: —-

    HCV: —-

    HEAVY BUS: —


    Volkswagen was Founded on 28 May 1927 by Ferdinand Porsche under Nazis Of Germany it’s one of those top companies,  Martic Winterkorn Chairman of Volkswagen make it Possible to beat Toyota like old and strong company before world war it mostly develop luxury vehicles and after World War 2 heavily bombed factory captured by American now its headquarters are in Wolfsburg Germany


    Rank 3:-logo-toyota

    Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Daihatsu Subsidiary Global, except North America

    And Australia

    Hino Subsidiary Asia Pacific, North America and

    & South America

    Lexus Division Global, except Iran and Caucasus

    Scion Division North America

    Toyota Division Global, except Iran and Caucasus

    Total Production: – 8,050,181 4,954

    Cars Production: – 6,793,714

    LCV: – 1,037,138

    HCV: – 214,375

    HEAVY BUS: – 4,954


    With Number of Up and Down remained top company of early 2000s now present at No.3 The company developed in 1933 by Toyota Loom work its subsidiary by Kiichiro Toyoda Who traveled in different parts of world it develop all type of Cars, Buses, Wagons etc. now a days it is striving hard to get back its rank its faces loss because of problem in accelerator model of its eight models


    Rank 4:-logos_hyundai_0

    Hyundai Automotive Group (South Korea)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Hyundai Division Global, except Mexico

    Total Production: – 6,616,858

    Cars Production: – 6,118,221

    LCV: – 469,185

    HCV: – 21,296

    HEAVY BUS: – 8,156


    Name of Hyundai is taken from Korean word meaning modernity it have many of working products including steel to defense equipment its automobile industries is started in 1967 after 20 years of its function its Fate is known as Broken Up Its founded by Chung Ju-Yung now its headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea its serving in all parts of world it normally prefer to develop large vehicles instead of small cars


    Rank 5:-ford-logo

    Ford Motor Company (United States)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Ford Division Global

    Lincoln Division North America, Middle East, Japan,

    South Korea

    Mercury Division North America, Middle East, Japan

    Total Production: – 4,873,450

    Cars Production: – 2,639,735

    LCV: – 2,166,925

    HCV: – 66,790



    Favorites of Thousands Ford Motor was established on 16 June 1903 By Henry Ford the company sales normal common vehicle by the brand name of Ford and luxury cars by brand name of Lincoln .Its headquarters are located in Dearborn Michigan United States now a day its chairman William C. Ford Executive Chairman, grandson of Henry Ford the founder striving hard to provide best quality and increase production


    Rank 6:-nissan_logo

    Nissan Motor Company (Japan)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Datsun Division Indonesia, India, Russia

    Infiniti Subsidiary Global, but not in Japan, South America and Africa

    Infiniti Performance Line Division Global

    Nissan Division Global

    Nismo Division Global

    Total Production: – 4,631,673

    Cars Production: – 3,581,445

    LCV: – 998,417

    HCV: – 51,811

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    Nissan Motor Company Founded on 26th December 1933 by family members by making a new car of that time its founders include Masujiro Hashimoto Jenjiro Den Rokruro Aoyama Its headquarters are located in Nisi-ku,Yokohama Japan now a day its CEO was Carlos Ghosn .Recently Nissan entered two way alliance with Renault S.A by holding its 15% shares


    Rank 7:-PSA-Peugeot-Citroen-Website

    PSA Peugeot Citroën S.A. (France)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Citroën Subsidiary Global, except North America,

    South Asia

    Peugeot Subsidiary Global, except North America,

    South Asia

    Total Production: – 3,582,410

    Cars Production: – 3,161,955

    LCV: – 420,455

    HCV: —-

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    PSA Peugeot Citroen is French company having headquarters in16th arrondissement, Paris, France .It serve wide area of world except North America and South Asia which seems to be strange for top ranking company it is founded in 1976 as Peugeot S.A acquired 38.2% shares of Citroen and later to 89.95% Philippe Varin is its CEO and 30.3% of its shares are still owned by Peugeot Family according to last year’s data they have 209,019 working employees


    Rank 8:-HondaLogoTransp

    Honda Motor Company (Japan)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Acura Division North America, East Asia, except


    Honda Division Global

    Total Production: – 6,616,858

    Cars Production: – 6,118,221

    LCV: – 469,185

    HCV: – 21,296

    HEAVY BUS: – 8,156


    Honda The continuously growing automobile company having interesting history  founded by a person having great interest in automobiles .Soichiro Honda started his career as mechanic at the Art Shokai garage, later on he started his company to provide piston ring to Toyota but lost contract due to its poor quality than visiting engineering university and various factories around Japan he didn’t graduate but again started producing pistons which are acceptable by Toyota Its Founded as a cars company on 24 September 1948 with the Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa its headquarters are located at Minato, Tokyo, Japan its largest Motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 and  2nd largest combustion engine manufacturer now Takanobu Ito Is its CEO


    Rank 9:-renault_logo_200x100

    Renault S.A. (France)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Dacia Subsidiary Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa

    Renault (cars) Division Global, except North America

    Renault Samsung Subsidiary Asia, South America

    Total Production: – 2,825,089

    Cars Production: – 2,443,040

    LCV: – 382,049

    HCV: —-

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    Renault was established by young Engineers as the developed  many models before creating the company Louis Renault ,Marcel Renault and Fernand Renault started there company on 25th February 1899,  Renault mostly develop car’s and commercial vehicles French Government Owns its 15 Percent share now they are investing in Electrical Vehicles by investing over 4 billion euros over it, Most famous cars of Renault motors are Renault Clio and Renault Megane, now there chairman is Carlos Ghosn who is striving hard to grow companies rank


    Rank 10:-Pak-Suzuki-Motors.

    Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japan)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Marti Suzuki Subsidiary India, Middle East,

    South America

    Pak Suzuki Motors Subsidiary Pakistan

    Magyar Suzuki Subsidiary Hungary, Europe

    Suzuki Division Global

    Total Production: – 2,725,899

    Cars Production: – 2,337,237

    LCV: – 388,662

    HCV: —-

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    In 1909 Michio Suzuki the founder of Suzuki motors founded Suzuki Loom Works in small village due to great success in it he started Suzuki Motors in 1937 there vehicles are too much famous in south Asia mostly Suzuki motors develop cars less than 1000CC they also develop Motorcycles, Engines, Head Quarter of Suzuki Motors was present in Hamamatsu, Shizuoaka Japan and Chairman Suzuki motors who was planning to install another engines making factory was Osamu Suzuki


    Rank 11:-fiat_logo

    Fiat (Italy)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Barth Subsidiary Global, except North America

    Alfa Romeo Subsidiary Global

    Ferrari Subsidiary Global

    Fiat Subsidiary Global

    Fiat Professional Subsidiary Global, except

    North America and Japan

    Lancia Subsidiary Europe and Japan

    Iveco Subsidiary Global, except North America

    Iveco Magirus Subsidiary Global,

    Except North America

    Total Production: – 2,399,825

    Cars Production: – 1,804,523

    LCV: – 486,268

    HCV: – 67,170

    HEAVY BUS: – 41,864


    Fiat Spa is abbreviation of Fabbrica Italina Automobile-Torino an Italian automobile company based in Turin Fiat was founded in 11th July 1899 by group of investors including Giovanni Angelli, It also develop Tractors and Railway Engines, Its largest company to develop heavy buses it also develop military vehicles now it have 137,800 employees, now it have John Elkann as Chairman


    Rank 12:-chrysler_logo

    Chrysler Group, LLC (United States)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Chrysler Division Global

    Dodge Division Global

    Jeep Division Global

    Ram Division North America

    Total Production: – 2,004,514

    Cars Production: – 507,517

    LCV: – 1,488,197

    HCV: – 8,800

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    Chrysler Group LLC is an American automaker it have alliance with FIAT the Italian manufacturers Its founded by Walter Chrsler on June 6, 1925 it initially ally with Maxwell-Chalmers company in 1920’s and in 1923 this company got defaulted and after that he started ne company named as Chrysler Motors Its Headquarters are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S now Sergio Marchionne is CEO now


    Rank 13:-65_1283267365

    BMW (Germany)

    Sub Category Ranking

    BMW Division Global

    MINI Division Global

    Rolls-Royce Subsidiary Global

    Total Production: – 1,738,160

    Cars Production: – 1,738,160

    LCV: —-

    HCV: —-

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    BMW stands for Bayeriche Motoren Werke AG In English it means Bavarain Motor Works founded on 7th March 1916  by Franz Josef Popp, BMW produces best cars of time Its Headquarters are located in Munchin, Germany Its famous for its luxury cars but it was Dixi’s first car, It also produce motorcycles and bicycles and now a days Norbert Reithofer is its Chief Executive Officer


    Rank 14:-logo_daimler

    Daimler AG (Germany)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Freightliner Division North America,

    & South Africa

    Master Subsidiary Pakistan

    Maybach Division Global

    Mercedes-Benz Division Global

    Mitsubishi Fuso Subsidiary Global

    Orion Subsidiary North America

    Serta Subsidiary Europe

    Smart Division North America, Europe, Japan,

    South East Asia, South Africa

    Thomas Built Subsidiary North America

    Western Star Subsidiary North America

    Total Production: – 1,528,008

    Cars Production: – 1,443,419

    LCV: – 11,921

    HCV: – 70,726

    HEAVY BUS: – 1,942


    Daimler Motor Company belongs to England, Manufacturer of Daimler motor vehicle, its part of BSA group then Jaguar Cars, It is started by Gottlieb Daimler the founder of Daimler Motors also Founder of first & best of time 2 wheels vehicle known as Motor Cycle


    Rank 15:-mazda_logo

    Mazda Motor Corporation (Japan)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Mazda Division Global

    Total Production: – 1,165,591

    Cars Production: – 1,103,632

    LCV: – 61,959

    HCV: —-

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    Mazda began as Toya Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd established in 1920 and in 1931 Company name was changed to Mazda –Go and in 1984 Company finally adopted as Mazda Now its Headquarters are located in Fachu Aki District, Hiroshima, Japan and Takashi Yamanouch is its President Mazda is manufacturer of diffent type of vehicles but its best one and cause of being famous is rotatory engine vehicles


    Rank 16:-mitsubishi_logo

    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (Japan)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Mitsubishi Division Global

    Total Production: – 1,140,282

    Cars Production: – 1,016,876

    LCV: – 119,976

    HCV: – 3,430



    Mitsubishi motor have there headquarters in Minato, Tokoyo, Japan this company originate from Mitsubishi ship making company who formed there first car in 1917 in 1934 Mitsubishi start making aircraft and it start developing cars in 1937 but Mitsubishi corporation was officially formed in 22, April,1970 as who owner of subsidiary Mitsubishi Motor Company under leadership of Tomio Kubo who was successful best engineer from aircraft division, Takashi Nishioka is its Chairman now a days


    Rank 17:-logo_en

    Dongfeng Motor Corporation (People’s Republic of China)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Dongfeng Division China

    Total Production:- 1,095,065 337,527

    Cars Production: – 375,805

    LCV: – 365,863

    HCV: – 15,870

    HEAVY BUS: —-


    Dongfegn is known as Second Automobile works till 1992its was founded in 1969 in dictate of Chairman Mao Zedong as Third Front strategy its headquarters are located in Wuhan, Hubei, China and Xu Ping is its key person, Dongfegn Motors have 106,000 employees now a days


    Rank 18:-images

    Tata Motors Ltd (India)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Daimler Subsidiary United Kingdom

    Hispano Subsidiary Europe

    Jaguar Subsidiary Global

    Land Rover Subsidiary Global

    Tata Division India, South Africa

    Tata Daewoo Subsidiary South Korea

    Total Production: – 1,061,229

    Cars Production: – 627,881

    LCV: – 232,894

    HCV: – 176,584

    HEAVY BUS:- 23,870


    Tata Motors started its commercial career with a joint venture with Daimler-Benz, it dominates Indian market of commercial vehicles for number of years Tata launched Tata Sierra a multi utility motor in 1991, Tata was founded by J.R.D Tata in 1945 its headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharahtra, India, Now Tata have 59,759 employees and Cyrus Pallonju Mistry is its Chairman


    Rank 19-logos_geely_0

    GEELY Motors China

    Sub Category Ranking

    Geely Automobile Holdings

    Shanghai Maple Guorun


    Volvo Vars

    Total Production: – 902,824

    Cars Production: – 902,824





    Geely mean lucky in Chinese, Geely a youngest companies in top 20’s is formed as refrigerator maker by Li Shufu by borrowing money from his family its famous for its cheap products Its founded in Taizhou, China in 1986 its headquarters are located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China now they have more than 12000 employees and Li Shufu its founder is serving as its chairman till today


    Rank 20:-BAIC_Group_logo

    Beijing Automotive (People’s Republic of China)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Beijing Automobile Works

    Beijing Automotive Industry Holding

    Total Production: – 689,635

    Cars Production: – 33,374

    LCV: – 548,347

    HCV: – 104,570

    HEAVY BUS: – 3,344


    Its state owned company and its founded in 1958 by government of china as Beiqi companies with Diamler-Benz and Hyundai its Brand “Beijing” has been selected for Beiqi own brand autos this company also build civilian and commercial trucks 1998 they formed BLAC for petrol and diesel trucks but it get bankrupt in 2012


    *End Of World Leading Ranking Of 20 Top Car Companies 2013
    Automotive Organizations who lost their rank from 1st 20 in last 2 years or they are submerged in other Car companies:-
    Chana Automobile Company, Ltd (People’s Republic of China)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Chana Division China, South Africa

    Hafei Subsidiary China


    Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corporation, Ltd (People’s Republic of China)

    Sub Category Ranking

    BAW Division China

    Foton Subsidiary China

    Tata Motors, Ltd (India)

    Hispano Subsidiary Europe

    Jaguar Subsidiary Global

    Land Rover Subsidiary Global

    Tata Division India, South Africa

    Tata Daewoo Subsidiary South Korea

    Kia Motors Corporation

    Sub Category Ranking

    Kia Division Global, except Middle East and Africa


    OAO AvtoVAZ (Russia)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Lada  Division Russia, Europe

    VAZ Division Russia, Eastern Europe


    First Automotive Group Corporation (People’s Republic of China)

    Sub Category Ranking

    Besturn Division China

    Freewind Subsidiary China

    Haima Subsidiary China

    Hongqi Division China

    Jiaxing Subsidiary China

    Vita  Subsidiary China

    Xiali Subsidiary China


    Some Interesting Facts :-

    Daimler AG holds 20% shares of Eicher Motor, 10% of of Kamzan and Tesla Motors, 6.75% of of Tata Motors and

    3.1% in Renault Nissan Alliance

    Fiat hold 90% stake in Ferrari and 61.8% stake in Chrysler

    Ford Motor Company have 3% Shares of Mazda and 12.1% of Aston Martin

    Geely Automobile have 23% shares of Maganese Bronze Holding

    General Motor Hold 7% Share of PSA Peugeot Citroen

    Hyundai Kia Automotive group have 33.99% Shares of KIA Motors

    Toyota Holds 51% Shares off Daihatsu

    Volkswagen group have 19.9% share of suzuki

    Suzuki own 5% Shares of Volkswagen

    In Jan 2013 Volvo has agreed to pay 1 billion dollar for a minority stake China’sDongfeng Motors

    Last but most interesting Renault hold 44.3% Shares of Nissan and Nissan holds 15% of Renault while there

    alliance hold 3.1% shares of Daimler


    Statics Division: World Best Ranked Car Companies of the World Ranking under 1Reservoir

    Note: Car Production May Vary Over Month Due To Demand of Difference or New Model of Vehicle

    Term Car Also Include Jeeps, Vans and Other Vehicles like MotorCar

    *HCV Stands For Heavy Commercial Vehicle

    *LCV stands for Light Commercial Vehicle

    *Its Common Fact that Best Car Companies always have highest cars production

    * The Car Companies who have largest production also have same Best/Highest/Largest Rank as the costumer interest and their quality that made it possible that most of the people are using cars of there Company

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